Friday, February 24, 2006

Kimura's World

Welcome to Kimura's Inner world.

I grew up as a country boy. Life is simple yet so innocent. You can imagine we do not any big toys, those games that we have are something we created ourself. Therefore, i would not take life for granted. Everything that i have had was a bless from the almighty God.

Life has not been great changes until i became a Christian. And I always wanting to create some web blog to tell people about my world and my thought, about my passion in photography, my ethic toward life.

I lead a simple principle of life, when we work hard, we must play harder in life, because life itself is so short, so that you must appreciates hard every single blessing when it comes.

Back in year 2003, when i first grab my first Nikon F50 camera, i began to think what is the purpose of life? What makes me so passionate about life? I began to realized, it is about the moments, the moment of every single blessing counts, changes in life, bitterness, sweetness of life. When i first pick up my Nikon set, i begin to think, what kind of photo would i want to take? Eventually i realize i want to capture about human emotions, moments. Photography may probably be the only way to tell about a person mood and emotions without deceiving.

So here began my photo-journalism life...i wish to start collecting the right moment for my life :)


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