Friday, February 24, 2006

Visit to Borland Corporation - Scott Valley office - A lifetime experience!

The begining of year 2006 is a significant years to me. I was given an opportunity to visit California, our Borland corporation in Scott Valley office.

Borland office

Certain people may find this is just a routine job related visit. However, to me, it is more than just a visit. It is a rare opportunity that i could travel. It represent my labor and hardwork that i had put in to my work. It was a recognition of my effort. It is also an opportunity to meet up with some top talent people from another end of the planet.

Borland Corporation in Scott Valley, was builded on top of a hill. It was surrounded by a lot of hills, granite greek beside California's Expressway No.17. Driving from San Franscisco will takes about 1 hour, and driving from cupertino office will probably need 30 mins. Borland Scott Valley was historically builded, when it first predecessor's software product Borland Pascal Turbo, making a great fortune back in year 1988++, the idea of having this office was then innitiated by her CEO that time, Philippe Kahn.

Here is the story of Borland Corporation

The 1980s: Foundations
The beginning of the Borland name started with a small company in
Ireland. Three Danish citizens, Niels Jensen, Ole Henriksen, and Mogens Glad founded Borland Ltd. in August 1981.
Borland International changed from a private to public company when it was incorporated in
California on May 2, 1983. The company's original personnel in the US included Philippe Kahn (President) and Spencer Ozawa (Vice President Operations), with Niels Jensen, Ole Henriksen, and Mogens Glad based in Copenhagen.
Philippe Kahn led the company as it developed a series of well-regarded software development tools. Their first product was
Turbo Pascal, initially developed by Anders Hejlsberg. 1984 saw the launch of SideKick, a time organization, notebook and calculator utility, notable for being a Terminate and Stay Resident (TSR) program. In September 1987 Borland purchased Ansa-Software including their Paradox (version 2.0) database management tool. The Quattro Pro spreadsheet was launched in 1989 with, at the time, a notable charting capability.
Microsoft was the leading provider of programming languages before Turbo Pascal was released. When Borland released Turbo Pascal, Microsoft switched over to developing operating systems and application software, because Turbo Pascal's IDE was much better than Microsoft's pure compilers and interpreters.
Additionally, Borland was known for its practical approach towards
software piracy, introducing its "Borland no-nonsense license agreement." This allowed the developer/user to utilize its products "just like a book"; he or she was allowed to make multiple copies of a program, as long as only one copy was in use at any point in time.

Borland corperation at Scott Valley is a great office that many people feel like working at, it was surrounded by lotsa of beautiful scene and accompanied by the mild, chilling cold wind blew of Pacific Ocean that came from Santa Cruz coast line.

talks is cheap, here are some evident to show you how great was our Borland office.


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