Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Someone that i should remember

First of all, i can tell you, this trip was not by coincidence, but with a lot of hardwork behind the screen and a lot of peoples making it happened.

I would like take this opportunity to thanks my boss, Chris Pattinson for offering such opportunity for travelling, meeting others top elite from the other end of the planet, and also justify for all cost while my staying. While my staying, he has taken good care of me and shown me warm hospitality of a Canadian :) I would also like to dedicate a special thank to our QA Director Matthew Dean who approved this trip.
Here is my mischief boss --> 'Canadian Deer'
Here the speaker for 'Ray Ban' Sunglass, isnt he cool?

Well, this is not enough yet, i would also like to dedicate a special thanks to Ms.May Tan, our Admin Executive from Singapore R&D office, she has been taking good care of our admin matter, a lot of trivial matter, she did it without any single complaints. Prior to my trip, she made effort of alter a lot of my flight itinerary as well as our visa. With much of her help, i managed to have a safe landing in San Francisco Intl Airport.
A special thanks to May -->

Another special person i should not forget is Cid Dias from Cupertino Borland office. Despite the fact we have not meet see other, she made lot of effort of arranging for all my lodging, transportation, meals allowance, without having any mistake. I was much overwhelmed and blessed by her arrangement. Suprised by her arrangement, i was given a great Ford car to travel to many interesting spot in Califronia, and i had a comfortable lodging in Scott Valley. Having to say i must be grateful by her arrangement, however, I felt very much regret of not able to see her even before i left California. On the last Friday, the day i suppose to drive to Cupertino, California was hit by one hails storm, Highway no.17 north bound was totally closed down because of the turtle-turned Truck.
Here, A special toast to the gorgeous Cid Dias -->


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