Wednesday, March 15, 2006

My big basin trip

Having to optimize my trip in california, i have made my way to Big Basin RedWood Forest National park, one of the well-known spot that worth a visit.
On the 4th of March 2006, California time, is our hiking day to National Park of Big Basin in north Felton. Benjamin, Stefan, and i planned this trip almost 1 week early. Thank God for offering us such a great weather ahead. We met each other in Borland Scott office and pooled one car before we set off our journey. Acrossing many scenery view of Felton Village, golf course, along highway no.9, a very curvy slope, we are heading to the direction of entrance to Big Basin.

In fact, almost two day before the trip, California was badly hit by a heavy down pour, roads were wet and slippery. When we saw the sunny day on Saturday morning, we were relieved and filled with excitement, we went to a Super Market at Scott Valley Town to buy some sandwiches as our lunch. Then, we are set off our way to meet the "Father of the forest" and "Mother of the Forest", the tallest and the biggest trunk in the world. Driving in highway no.9 was not fun, it was a curvy and winding country road, we could not drive too fast but maintained at a moderate speed.

The whole journey tooks us about 50 mins, and we see the entrance of the Big Basin, greet by greenish big trees. I pay USD 6.00 for the park and we found a shieled parking for my car.

Soon after we parked the car, everyone rushed into restroom :) . I guess three of us were the lucky chap, when we step out from the rest room, we were greeted by a very rare species of bird from the forest, 'its' was so obedient such that it stood at the stool and let me take its picture.
--> picture of the bird

This is only the begining of the story. It was a sunny day, greeted by freezing cold breeze, my wind breaker was not enough to keep me warm. We then start inpecting our gears and our bags, and we moved on to find the trails of the hiking track.
--> picture of entrance.

We saw a small family from Asian country, but we are not sure where are they come from. We also met an US family, i took a photo for the chubby baby boy when he keep starring at me. He was.....damn Q! His family has not stopping me from taking his photo :grin:
--> photo of baby boy.

Since no more surprises, we move on to the starting trail of the track, start to feel amazed by the million years' trees. We found the memorandum plate of the person who saved the forest.

The forest was very nature, you often attracted by the nature composition of trees trunk, small drainage, and the million years moss. I was impressed by all the special shape of the trunks, wood log. I can tell some of the trees were really awesome.
-->> some picture of tree and mosses, drainage.

With a pleasing mood, we often tease each other in the forest. Ben and Stefan were great buddy while my staying. I ended up taking a lot of photo for them in the forest. Benjamin is cool guy, often come out with candid poses for me, A great model indeed. Stefan also is another charm looking guy, ended up i made a lots of good portrait for him. With the real nature as backdrop. I must says, great picture comes from great people , hehe :)
--> some awesome shot for three of us.

About 25 mins after our trails walk, we were finally stunned by an awesome gigantic 'Father of the forest' and the 'Mother of the forest'. Obviously, we can not miss it but took out my tripod and took our group picture.
--> picture of 'father of the forest' and 'mother of the forest'.

This is not end of the walk yet, three of us continue to find our way to the 'mini water-falls' - SEMPERVIRENS fall, we walk from another route without having a proper trail. It was a steep, wet, slippery route. Without a good grip, i slipped and felt down in the forest, dirtied half of my wind breaker and palm. What a close shave, i almost drop my precious Nikon into the fudgy muddy pad. My jeans was soak with mud too *_*
--> picture of dirty wind breaker.

Much later, we've decided to make a small de-tour of the route. We go through the main road and we walked about another 25 mins. We stop at a spot called the 'Begining of the World". Although sun light was strong, yet the wind blew our faces and we felt the stiffing coldness. Stopped for 15min, we had our "Cold Sandwich lunch" here.

It was approximately 2.45pm then, we could not affort any single waste of time, we continue to find our route to find the water fall and other nice spot.
--> water fall.

After a short visit to water fall, we decided to not to walk the same route back to main camp site. We make a de-tour, to find other nice spot. It was not wasted our effort, we've managed to find some awesome trunk in the forest, some funky wood craft in the forest.
--> broken gigantic trunk

--> some shots in bridge - three of us

--> some shot in small drain

--> interesting stair case cut by trunk wood.

We can not bear to leave this wonderful place..but its time to say good-bye.


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