Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Santa Cruz BroadWalk

Here is place not to be missed in this trip, the Santa Cruz Broadwalk and its coastal line. It was build along a pier. located at the center of the coast line of Pacific Ocean. Here, you will often get to enjoyed by the bone shivering chillness of Pacific Ocean cold current.

I was lucky to made a trip to Broadwalk right before my boarding to SQ1 flight at midnite of 11th march. My adrenalin starts to emit and made me feel so excited, it was a life time experience whereby i get to see a lot of 'sealions', 'seadog', seagulls'. The sunset of Santa Cruz was indeed wonderful compared to other coastal areas. It was accompanied by the chilling cold breeze, and great view of the Light house.
--> some great shot of us, chris and ben.

We stopped by at a small restaraunt on top of broadwalk and had some food. Ben and i had creamy pasta. Chris had a fish and chips. As usual, no good chocolate can escape from benjamin's golden tongue, he immediately called the waitress to find out how they made a great choco drink :) We had a wonderful fellowship, chat and enjoy the great view of Pacific Ocean from a small hut restaurant.


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